Waiuku Primary School


Waiuku Primary School had a logo which had been in use for a long time but held no real significant meaning to the school. Working collaboratively with the staff and with input from iwi, we developed a logo which speaks to the schools location, near a kai waka that led between the river and sea. The stars reference a local reserve that was where stars were observed for navigation. The harakeke referencing the generations of iwi and pakeha in the area and school.  They decided on having two colour options – the cool version being their primary logo, and the other providing a secondary option.

character | waiuku kids.

The school wanted a group ‘cartoon characters’ to represent their students which they could use in teaching their waiuku way. They wanted the diversity of the students reflected in the characters illustrated.

the waiuku way.

The school wanted a large illustration, which included their characters, featuring the principles of ‘the waiuku way’, the schools values. This artwork was then used as large murals on buildings around the school.


Signs with the logo and vision on it for around school grounds.

glass designs.

Designs for office doors inspired by the new logo.


Flag designs for the front entrance and side gate welcoming students and parents.

winner cards.

Reward cards given to students for actions in line with ‘the waiuku way’.