Please note that all work on this website are the intellectual property of Sasha Maya. You may not copy, alter or reproduce any of my work (or any part of my work) or logo without my written consent. My illustrations may be found on multiple products that I have created (including through selected retailers who sell my work).

Limited edition pieces will be only sold in the numbers noted in the listing, the prices reflect their exclusivity.

My artwork may not be used for training or working with AI software.


I try to display as accurately as possible the colours of the products shown on the online shop. However, because the colours you see will depend on your monitor, I cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display of any colour will be accurate.


Care for artwork

I hope you enjoy your artwork for many years to come. While these are giclèe / archival gallery print quality, done by the experts at Endemic World, they will need proper care to help them last well. UV protected glass is available at additional cost. Avoid hanging the artwork in a location that receives direct sunlight, humidity / moisture, and significant temperature fluctuations.  Framed artwork should only be hung from the string installed by the framers.