Sandspit Road School


Sandspit Primary School had a logo that had elements they wanted to keep but it was outdated and needing a refresh. Working with local hapu, and the school community, we redesigned the logo incorporating landmarks and other design features of significance – more details in the ‘our logo’ image.


The school wanted designs featuring their four values. We chose the tūī because they are regular features around the school grounds. These designs were placed on large signs in the main play area of the school.

school houses.

Designs for the 4 school houses which were also used on display flags.


Each of the classrooms featured a bird that was found in the area, and included some of significance to local hapu. We also produced certificates for each room featuring their birds.

Special thank you to Steve Attwood of Auldwood Birds for letting me use his amazing bird photos as references.

visual story | mural.

This large mural was placed in view of the main entrance used by whānau and also the main play area used by students. It features the school vision and values (brought together in the Sandspit Way) and brings together all the elements of the school’s visual story – incorporating all the birds the rooms were named after, key landmarks featured in the logo, and flora and fauna.