logo & visual story | branding.

The cultural narrative & name for Mangapikopiko School were koha from Ngāti Tamaoho. These were the foundation for both the logo design and visual story created for Mangapikopiko school. Centered around the intertidal zone and the Manukau Harbour – these themes were used to guide the architecture and design choices of every aesthetic aspect of the building. Colour themes were earthy with the occasional pop of a brighter blue.

In the logo design the weaving is reference to the kete which holds food. The koru shapes inspired by the PikoPiko fern (mangapikopiko is the river that wanders like the pikopiko fern). The water of the harbour is referenced at the bottom.

illustrations | glass manifestations.

The cultural narrative is seen in every element of the school’s design – colour themes, references to weaving in tiling designs, kina shaped lights by David Trubridge. The illustrations I did were all of flora and fauna of the intertidal zone of the Manukau and they were used where manifestations were required throughout the building – to wonderful effect.

studio designs | flags & signs.

The four school studios each had their own design created. These were used as large round signs which mark the areas in each studio named after each tree, and large flags were used to guide students to the doorways leading into their studios.


Wayfinding and instructional signs were also designed in line with the visual story | branding and featured harakeke.

school houses | banners & flags.

The school kept their existing house names and colours. Their choice of four houses (fourth not yet in use) of fire, air, water and earth echoed the the ancient belief in ‘the four elements’ in the Greek branch of Alchemy in around 450 BC. In Alchemy they had symbols for each of these four elements which which is what inspired the overlaid triangles in each of the designs.

The imagery for the designs themselves are inspired by natural features related to each element, and tying in with the schools overall visual story.

The house designs were supplied as flag banners for the hall and flags for the flagpole. Each week whichever house has the most points get to have their flag flown from the school flag pole.