Karaka School

Having reviewed our vision and values for our school, we decided to rebrand to more accurately reflect these new directions. Sasha Maya was our choice of graphic designer and we were not disappointed! Sasha is not only creative, she also has the ability to work alongside the clients to truly understand what is important and how to best reflect this in her designs.
Sasha undertook research and worked with representatives of the schools Maori community to ensure designs used were portrayed accurately and used respectfully. We were incredibly impressed with her professionalism, creativity and dedication to ensuring her work was reflective of our vision. Sasha communicated with excellence and had the ability to turn our words into designs. I highly recommend Sasha to you.

Sarah Hynds, Principal Karaka School


As Karaka School reviewed their vision & values they decided to undertake a full visual story / rebrading – as well as updating their logo. While a wide range of visual imagery and concepts were explored in the end the decision was to stay with their iconic Karaka berry and leaves, and include their vision of excellence.

visual story | branding

Karaka School decided to use epidemic flora and fauna for the focus of their visual story. They renamed their classrooms after ‘favourite’ animals. These animals were the key elements illustrated to form the basis of their visual story. The kererū was kept as the ‘school bird’.

character | values.

Karaka school wanted the school bird – the kererū made into a mascot to help the  younger students, especially, engage with the school’s values. The kererū is taking different actions demonstrating the school’s LEARN values.


The school values were put on a large sign at the entrance of the school carpark & office for students and parents to enjoy. The school also have a birthday sign which greets each person on their birthday.

school curriculum.

The school had creative concepts provided by their staff to visually represent the local school curriculum. They wanted this turned into a visual image which could be used as a poster in the school – but still tying in with the visual story of the school. This was the result. Very much a collaboration of their concepts, with my visual art.

plan on a page & strategic plan

Karaka School had their ‘plan on a page’ designed as a large sign able to be put up in the school office for parents and community to see. The strategic plan was also brought in line with the rest of the school visual story / branding for consistency.


We updated the school website to try and streamline information for the school community, including facilities for emergency lockdowns, and access to information parents regularly ask for, as well as visually tying it into the visual story / branding we did throughout the rest of the school.