Aka Aka School

I have the found the process of refreshing our logo and developing new signage extremely rewarding. Sasha facilitates a process where you feel free to express your ideas and give honest feedback on the designs – it felt like I was very much part of the creative process. We now have a logo that reflects our vision whilst honouring the history of the school, and our signage encapsulates the new direction. We are extremely happy with the results!

Michaelene Nu’u, Principal, Aka Aka School


Aka Aka School had a logo with a pukeko that was much loved. However the vision had been replaced and the logo as a whole didn’t reflect the school. They wanted an updated logo, keeping the beloved pukeko character – but have it reflect the school’s vision of ‘we do, we learn’ – centering around an approach of learning by doing, learning by adventure.

visual story | branding.

Aka Aka School had an active programme with their students of replanting local wetlands. They wanted the visual story to reflect the wetlands of the area and the school’s involvement in re-planting and actively engaging in and caring for the environment. The imagery was then used throughout their room signs, as well as tying in their vision and values, and house points signs.

vision & values | mural panels.

Aka Aka School chose to have 4 panels made. One with the school whakatauki, one with the school vision, one with the school values and one featuring the branding imagery. These four panels were placed around the school grounds.