DBS had a logo which had been with the school for a long time. There was some idea of what it may mean – but no clear story or relevance to where they are now and where they’re headed. It needed updating while honouring some of the elements of the original.

The upper tree portion of the logo was inspired by the existing logo, the roots were brought in to represent their school whānau groups weaving together into the school tree representing growth and learning. This root inspired design ended up being intertwined in everything from background designs, to letterhead, to a mural on a wall in their playground.

wakas | whānau groups

DBS have their school divided into whānau groups – each named as a waka and characteristic that represents qualities they are cultivating in their school. A combining of their value and houses. They wanted a visual style that was inspired by AFL logos – and primarily based in text, but representing the meaning of each value. They also needed them to be in the 4 school house colours which they are featuring throughout their school.

These logos are used on large signs throughout the school, and freestanding flags.

icon versions

DBS needed icon versions of the whānau group logos which could be used in places where the full name wasn’t suitable. We created flags featuring these icon versions – and whichever whānau group currently has the most points gets to have their flag flown on the school flagpole.